Alejandra de la Torre Morejón de Girón:

With this presentation, a person is destined to become well-known. They are not noble because of titles, riches or possessions, but instead because of their impulse and creativity.

Born in Castellon but a resident of Valencia-Lisbon by choice, day by day she conveys an aesthetic charm through her artistic representations.

Today artists search on the internet for what Alejandra continuously searches for in charismatic markets
around the world.

In addition to venturing into abandoned houses to admire the wall paper, more than anything she enjoys paying for a 30-year-old fan that no longer works. “What exotic behavior” – the seller thinks as they throw a rusty, useless toaster into the bag, seeing in her covetous eyes the desire to do who-knows-what with it.

Founding member of Comando Marisol, she happily snakes through the world of painting in order to immerse herself in a multidisciplinary tide of happenings, street art, sculptures and a long etcetera that transport her from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean with only one purpose: to create relentlessly, not for lack of time, but out of necessity.

– Nacho Durá