The anger

When  proposed to me to do a mural in March around women’s day, once again I had that contradictory feeling between joy and sadness. Joy because being able to make a piece inside a museum is always a great opportunity, but on the other hand there was that point where it seems that right now women only have a voice in March or we only have a voice the rest of the year, but only to talk about equality and women’s rights.

With this, I am not saying that I think it’s wrong to talk about these issues, I am a feminist and if I can contribute with my work to brin gus closer to a more equal world, of course I will do it. What I am beginning to find less fair and tired of is that we are only called upon for that, as if we have no voice on any other issue. Like my colleagues, I want to be able to choose the subject of my work, I want to be able to  express my opinions beyond the subject of feminism. For this reason, it seemed to me that the best claim I could make for this mural was to do something that was totally my work, with my language and my themes.

Muvim, Valencia 2023

Bye bye souvenir

Bye bye souvenir began to take shape in December 2020, at that time we could only move within our own community, borders had suddenly reappeared.
While our parents (at least those of my generation) had lived this idea that the great journeys were made a couple of times in life, we moved around the world with an ease never seen before and suddenly all that disappears, the movement is limited to your country and depending on the moment to your community or your city, the limits are drawn more than ever and the borders become really palpable. We never thought we would lose our freedom of movement, both physically and psychologically.
I thought, what would I have given at that moment to be able to travel, even if it was just to buy a horrible souvenir…

Bye Bye Souvenir… 2022

Heritages for Isabel

While I was thinking about what I wanted to do for an art fair in which I was going to participate, my iaia passed away and I decided to pay a tribute to her through a series of pieces that I titled “Herencias para Isabel”.

The set of pieces makes up a portrait of my grandmother through the objects in her house that most reminded me of her and the phrases that she used to tell me the most, which I have used as the title of the works.

This series is a tribute to my iaia in particular, but also a tribute to all the grandmothers and their great work within the family.

Those of us who are the children of working parents have had them as a second mother, their role is fundamental in parenting and the help they give parents is worthy of recognition.



Installation (paint, vhs tapes and video).
Variable dimensions.


Someone is conscious of a change when they face the same object or situation and their reaction is different.

One day, I was visiting my grandma, and i found out once again with one of those little porcelain figures that everyones grandma would have at their house. I’ve always found them quite ugly, and i never understood the reason for them, neither in which moment people found them in any way appealing. But in that exact moment my perception of them changed and suddenly i discovered myself appreciating them differently.

“HERITAGE” it consists on a series of frames, where i represent my grandma’s porcelain figures through a new look, it’s called maturity. In these pieces grows a universe through a subtle juxtaposition of different languages and iconographic elements, in which the objects are used as fetish to build up the meaning of life and whats lived.

2016 – Nowadays

The Collection

78 pieces (17 x 12 cm).
Acrylic on different papers.
Plastic figure.
Variable dimensions.


Old stuff 1 & 2

Old stuff 1 & 2

300 x 320 cm

Mixed media on different supports.



We are here to have fun and, why not, to pay a small tribute to the grandmothers and grandfathers of the world with whom many of us have shared our childhood in the Parks.

Picassent 2023

The good coexistence

“They asked me to make a mural about living together and I believe that the basis of that is collaboration”.

Picassent 2023