Bussines Woman

Winning mural of the first Urban Art Contest “Encarna Jiménez”.

Paiporta 2022

Your abilities do not depend on your gender


Your abilities do not depend on your gender.

Mural made on March 8 in Catarroja, thanks to the equality area of ​​the municipality.

The women represented are Alejandra Soler, Margarita Salas, Anna Lluch, Carmen Alborch, María Cambrils, Ethelvina Ofelia Raga, María Zambrano, Frida Kahlo, Valentina Tereshkova, Angela Davis.

Catarroja 2021

Rosalind Franklin

Mural made in the secondary school Ramón Muntaner of Xirivella, thanks to the project “Murals Women and Science” of the Polytechnic University of Valencia and Las Naves.

Xirivella, 2020


This mural was painted for Red Cross program’s  “Juntes”  in the city of Castellón. 

The background of the mural was painted in collaboration of volunteers and users of the program “Juntes”.


The family

Particular order for the wall of a family home. The representation is a portrait of all the members of the family.


Entre todas (en)

Mural against domestic violence. Requested in collaboration of La Organización ASOC POSSIBILITATS. Benimaclet, Valencia.