Entre todas (en)

Mural against domestic violence. Requested in collaboration of La Organización ASOC POSSIBILITATS. Benimaclet, Valencia.


Like home

Mural requested by association “Todo Hecho en Casa” (Barcelona)




Birds was a mural created for women’s international day in Benicassim.

The idea was to show all kind of womens, forget about stereotypes, because each one of us are unique in a different ways.


I love summer


Collaborative mural, performed with Rocío Álvarez,Only, Vane Julian and Konst.




“FOLDER” is the representation of adolescence, that moment where we establish who we are and to which tribe we belong to through customizing / decorating our folders. Collage of images, drawings and quotes through we represent ourselves, putting us in a box.

Mixed Technique (collage, ink, marker, graphite) between methacrylates 130 x 40 cm

VHS 16

Fotage of VHS exposition at Galería Anaglifos, Barcelona



Fotage of VHS exposition at Galería 9, Valencia


“VHS” is a project that, like “the collection” and “fascicles”, are artworks that comes from an theoretic/practice investigation in relation to collecting and the link that a collector have to their acquisitions. It a way of accumulating, it’s differenced by organization and repetition.
In VHS we find a collection that directly or indirectly we all have had in our lives. In this project i focus on the re-recordable VHS, in which we find the “second collection” of memories. They containers of memories, moments; from things we record on TV, moments of our lives…
2011 – 2016