The Collection


78 pieces (17 x 12 cm).
Acrylic on different papers.
Plastic figure.
Variable dimensions.




“Fascicles 1-5”

Mixed media and collage on methacrylate

70 x 70 cm

Year 2014

The presence of emptiness

Nothing reminded me so much of my grandfather’s absence, like having his radio on my bedside table



Stuff. Between the object of value and garbage

“Getting rid of a useless object that I barely pay attention to once a year means somehow getting rid of a part of my life, but keeping it without using it means having to face its silent reproach every time I open the closet door”
Deyan Sudjic


300 x 500 cm

Mixed media on different supports.


Work done thanks to the Habitat Artístic de Castelló Scholarship



Old stuff 1 & 2


Old stuff 1 & 2

300 x 320 cm

Mixed media on different supports


The beauty of accumulation


Work of variable dimensions. (in the main image 300 x 650 cm)

Composed of more than 70 drawings of everyday objects. This piece is adapted to the exhibition spaces in the same way that the accumulation of possessions does with personal spaces.

Year 2010 – Present


Reified memories


“Among all that we accumulate there are some objects that shine with their own light. Objects whose importance lies in the strong emotional bond we have with them”

Year 2010

Miscellaneous 2010

Miscellaneous 2009

Miscellaneous 2008