The stigma of the unemployed

We come from a time when we believed that with our training we would get what we wanted. We had invested in careers, languages, unpaid internships. But quickly, our dream vanishes, the negatives begin when it comes to finding work. That curriculum that seemed so complete now seems full of useless things. You do more courses and you lock yourself in your study, you have to invest all your time in the search for a job, everything else is wasting time and money. Every time you are more isolated, you no longer feel connected to the university, much less to the working world and suddenly, without realizing it, you have gone from being a person full of hopes, ideas and energy, to becoming an isolated being , insecure and without strength to prove what you were worth before, a bug.

“El estigma del Parado”

Installation (real objects, drawing and painting).

350 x 250 cm


Work done thanks to the 3cmcv help of the Valencian Community Museum Consortium.


“Fascicles 1-5”

Mixed media and collage on methacrylate

70 x 70 cm

Year 2014

The beauty of accumulation

Work of variable dimensions. (in the main image 300 x 650 cm).

Composed of more than 70 drawings of everyday objects. This piece is adapted to the exhibition spaces in the same way that the accumulation of possessions does with personal spaces.

Year 2010 – Present


Fly to…


Drawings created on Post-it for the exhibition “I POSQUIN YOU”.

33 Gallery, Valencia


At Time

Collage and mixed technique between methacrylates.

25 x 25 cm


Series of drawings inspired by the work “Ligazón” by Valle Inclán.

Mixed media (transfer, graphite, watercolor, acrylic, marker) on paper.

30 x 21 cm each drawings.

La búsqueda y la espera

Mixed media (graphite, marker, Chinese ink, mechanics) on paper.

40 x 30 cm each work.