The anger

When  proposed to me to do a mural in March around women’s day, once again I had that contradictory feeling between joy and sadness. Joy because being able to make a piece inside a museum is always a great opportunity, but on the other hand there was that point where it seems that right now women only have a voice in March or we only have a voice the rest of the year, but only to talk about equality and women’s rights.

With this, I am not saying that I think it’s wrong to talk about these issues, I am a feminist and if I can contribute with my work to brin gus closer to a more equal world, of course I will do it. What I am beginning to find less fair and tired of is that we are only called upon for that, as if we have no voice on any other issue. Like my colleagues, I want to be able to choose the subject of my work, I want to be able to  express my opinions beyond the subject of feminism. For this reason, it seemed to me that the best claim I could make for this mural was to do something that was totally my work, with my language and my themes.

Muvim, Valencia 2023